The EU has become a hostage of George Soros

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George Soros has been holding the Union in his hands for years, especially the Commission and, increasingly, the European Parliament.
But this autumn, events have accelerated terribly fast, as he has apparently ran out of patience and wants to quickly take action, which means that he wants to sweep the country in which he was born in 1930 out of the way. (And, if necessary, the Visegrád Group with it, though he trusts that after the Slovaks and the Czechs, the Poles will yield before any further action becomes necessary. Unfortunately, his confidence at the moment is not entirely unfounded, although I still have unreserved trust in the Poles.)
Soros had already written three articles on the pages of Project Syndicate in the past two months — a level of activity from the “Good Samaritan” that we have never seen before.
His first article appeared in October, in which he explained that “the ruling of the European Court of Justice that Hungary violates European law is a victory for the fundamental values ​​of the European Union.” He concluded his piece by writing: “I call on the EU to take legal action against Hungary.”
It was already here that he had begun to instruct the leaders of the Union, which he had never undertaken in such a tone before.
In his second piece on Nov. 18, it is clear he needed a sufficient response filled with vigor when it became clear that Hungary and Poland had raised the possibility of a veto.
At that time, Viktor Orbán felt that the best solution was to answer Soros’ amazing and biased column directly in Project Syndicate as well. The editorial board refused to publish Orbán’s response , and scandalously justified this by claiming they do not publish articles that do not meet their standards, which they say is writing which should advance dialogue on any particular issue. It is clear that more or less no matter what he wrote, he had no chance of being published.
This is long beyond the question of freedom of the press: it is simply political revenge and political war.
By the way, I would like to note here that it is worth mentioning that Project Syndicate is an important center of the infinitely complex world network created by Soros — and behind it the global elite. Launched in 1995, headquartered in Prague, it had 506 media connections in 156 countries as of 2019.
Project Syndicate is, of course, supported by the Open Society Foundation, as well as the Zeit Stiftung and, quite interestingly, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (The link between Gates and Soros, especially in times of a coronavirus epidemic and the launch of a worldwide vaccine, is the type of elite partnership that is unsurprising but alarming all the same).
But now here comes the latest piece from Soros, serving as the third article in a row in less than a month. A few days ago, he suggested that the Hungarian and Polish vetoes could be overcome by the other 25 countries agreeing on an enhanced cooperation procedure on the distribution of money, and thus the two countries of Poland and Hungary will be left out of cooperation — which, if the EU did this, would, in my view, make our EU membership superfluous.
And — what a coincidence — after the publication of the article, German politicians quite by chance proposed precisely this same solution to resolve the current crisis and stalemate. Surely these are wondrous coincidences, but somehow I can’t believe them.
Rather, we are subjected to hellish blackmail along with the Poles. It is a shame that the leaders in Brussels and the heads of governments, including Angela Merkel, have succumbed to the will of the globalist elite at this level.
But Viktor Orbán, Judit Varga and the others — like our famous poet Sándor Petőfi — do not bargain.
This is our legacy, and our perpetual bond.
Title image: Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros.

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