How George Soros is trying to create a new kind of human – Homo Soros

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The billions of dollars invested by Soros into the world of culture, academia and media have allowed him to “breed” Homo Soros, people who consciously or unconsciously pursue his plan for the world: the total atomization of society; the deprivation of people’s natural ties, roots, and, thus, a clear identity, writes philosopher Wojciech Golonka for the weekly Do Rzeczy.

The extreme hedonism of today is a perfect market for Soros’ suggested services. Panem et circenses (Latin: bread and circuses) have been replaced today by gender and consumption, with the added satisfaction of caring for the green order and the cult of Mother Nature.

Soros’ ideals have reached even the Vatican whose secretary of state constantly participates in actions directed toward allowing all migrants refugee rights. Does Vatican Radio not proclaim that every human has a right to choose where they live on Earth and wherever it suits them?

It is no different when it comes to the structures of the EU.

Soros’ agenda has been met there with the extremely sympathetic understanding of commissioners and large groups of MEPs. Despite its established treaties, his agenda is taking over the EU’s policies. The situation has reached such a level that Soros has been nicknamed the “Puppet Master.”

Meanwhile, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, made into a proper vassal by the alumni of Soros’ foundations, keeps watch over the “open” interpretation of human rights. These rights are understood aside from all natural, anthropological and national borders. An example of this was the recent euthanasia of a Pole in the UK.

How will Soros’ actions abroad affect Poland?

First, there is no moderation when it comes to progressivism. The creation of Homo Soros will last as long as the current models of social functioning can be improved and the remaining borders can be abolished. Are the natural bonds of parents with their children not such a border? Isn’t private property such a thing? Is this an exaggeration? After all, the process of replacing old theories with better ones has no end. And what harm is there for subsequent gods to experiment a little while making humanity happy?

Although it is impossible to reduce all politics, and especially American geopolitics, to the ideological legacy of a philanthropist billionaire, and thus predict the exact balance of benefits and losses for Poland from the changes in America, it is difficult not to say that the process of deconstructing the identity of the Western world has just entered a new phase with a boom.

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