Timmermans interferes in Hungarian politics

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After a friendly handshake with George Soros, who spends billions on his off the wall open society concept, Timmermans immediately met the delegation of the Hungarian Socialist Party. After a jovila conversation they aired their common opinion that if Hungarians continue to support Viktor Orbán, Hungary will be isolated within the European Union. This came from the same Timmermans who earlier accused Orbán of anti-Semitism and then went on to speak about how next year’s European elections will boil down to a choice between nationalist clashes and a “real community of values”.

It seems that the leading candidate of the European left thinks that democracy is when people follow their word and vote accordingly. This is the way of Brussels with which we are quite familiar. But based on recent trends and Hungarian opinion polls this recipe is not working, especially not in Hungary. Though we are still six months from the elections, it is likely that the next European Parliament will have a very different composition, one that is more observant of national sovereignty – something that will likely also be reflected in the composition of the Commission.

So the urgency on their side is quite understandable. Time is a-wasting, the end of the Juncker-era is in sight and they want to achieve as much as they can before the people stop them. As for the illustrious delegation of the Hungarian Socialists, President Bertalan Tóth said that his party has indelible merits, such as Hungary’s accession to the European Union and also spoke about some pro-Europe and pro-NATO alliance, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Brussels may have forgotten all the damage the Socialists and their predecessors have caused Hungary, but we didn’t. Now, however, the winds are also shifting in Brussels and the consequences are inevitable. Not as a result of word from up-high, but as a result of everyday experiences. This is what democracy is supposed to be. 

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