Poland and Lithuania to guard Europe against contagious diseases

Poland and Lithuania to be Europe’s vanguard against contagious diseases. Due to anti-vaccination movements and migration from the East, illnesses such as measles have resurfaced.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Because increasingly more people are arriving from the East, in which measles or tuberculosis have returned, the European Commission has decided to increase border control. There will now be standardized conduct for all EU member states when it comes to prevention of contagious diseases.

The specifics are creating environments for temporary isolation for patients with symptoms of a contagious disease. 

Poland and Lithuania have been chosen to lead the project as they are the main border for civilians from the East. First, there will be control over land passages – on foot and railways. Then, the Polish National Institute of Hygiene in association with the Main Sanitary Inspectorate and their Lithuanian partners will write up criteria to be enforced across the EU. Polish officials do not want to say when this will be done.

900 people vaccinated in less than three days

Experts warn, that there has been an increase in the number of children not vaccinated. Not only in Poland, but also in the EU. Proof of the reality of the threat of an epidemic are the measles outbreaks in places of employment of Ukrainian workers in Poland. Over 900 people had to be vaccinated in less than three days to try to stop the disease.


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