Council of Europe calls for Russia to return wreckage of Polish Tu-154

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will be voting to force Russia to return the wreckage of the Tu-154M which crashed in Smoleńsk in April 2010. The deputy president of the European Conservatives Dominik Tarczyński underlines that Russia cannot continue to be unpunished.

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The Council of Europe will discuss the matter of the wreckage on Friday, on the last day of the Parliamentary Assembly. The proposed resolution outlines what Russia must do to be allowed back as part of the Council of Europe. Otherwise, Moscow is to suffer the consequences.

If Russia refuses to return the Tu-154M plane wreckage, then in addition to economic sanctions there will be strong pressure on all of the member states to suspend investments and economic cooperation with Russia.

Dominik Tarczyński will be making his case to return the Polish plane by referring to the Dutch plane shot down by the Russian military, the Russian intervention in Ukraine and the Skripal attack. He also claims to have received guarantees of support and votes for Poland’s cause from his fellow representatives.

Russia still believes that it is a massive bear which can do anything it wants. It’s about to have a nasty surprise

He also argues, that the proposed consequences will be a reputational blow to Russia, which he sees as a country that will only understand the argument of money. “Russia must conform to the new democratic norms of the world,” Tarczyński says referring to Russia’s unwillingness to cooperate with other European countries.

“Russia still believes that it is a massive bear which can do anything it wants. It’s about to have a nasty surprise,” claims Tarczyński.

After the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, the Council of Europe imposed sanctions on Russia. Russian delegates’ voting rights in the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly were suspended


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