Poland: Animals roam wild and nature returns after coronavirus lockdown

Bison roaming freely, deer entering towns and bears enjoying life without a human in sight

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Onet/PAP
via: onet.pl

Two weeks without people in Polish forests due to coronavirus lockdowns have been enough for nature to reawaken and animals to start to roam freely again, according to the Polish Ministry of Environment.

“It’s only now that we have had the ban on entry into the forests that we can see how much had been lost,” the ministry wrote in a statement.

The lack of humans disturbing natural habitats has led forestry officials to report that they have not seen such high levels of activity on the part of doe, bears, bison, and lynx for many years.

Many animals have been spotted on roads and entering towns and settlements, areas which they usually avoid.

“It’s a miracle of nature,” said Adam Roczniak, a foresty official. “It’s amazing how nature reawakens when there are no people. Two weeks without people in forests was enough for animals to lose their fear. They are playing on roads and paths with their young and venturing out of the forest into empty roads in suburban estates,”



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