Poland’s coronavirus emergency had made liberal elites even more aggressive

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A recent letter highlighted by the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza argues that the French are a lucky nation, because unlike Poles, they have a government that works hard and communicates clearly and honestly with its citizens. The letter claims Poles are not informed about the government’s strategy on the pandemic.

Do people in Poland really want to have the same ratio of infections and deaths that the virus has claimed in France?

France has over 20,000 deaths from the virus while Poland has 385.

France is a country where 600 doctors are suing the former Health Minister Agnès Buzyn for hiding data on the epidemic. The minister herself has admitted that when she resigned from the post of minister to stand for mayor of Paris, she realized that the election shouldn’t be taking place.

The letter itself was an example of a gross inferiority complex. It was used by the liberal daily in its campaign to discredit the Polish government’s fight against the virus. It stands as a paper that is part of anti-government front of TV stations, papers and portals that has been active from the word ‘go’ in this crisis.