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Journalist: Civic Platform (PO) is destroying foundations of Poland’s political community

The political conflict in Poland has become incredibly heated due to parliament’s voting over the media law amendment. Following the vote, opposition politicians and supporters did not spare vulgar words in the direction of MP Paweł Kukiz, who had supported the amendment. Through its official channels on social media, the Civic Platform (PO) published an […]
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Bronisław Wildstein Gdańsk murder hate speech Poland Commentary
4 YEARS AGOBronisław Wildstein Gdańsk murder hate speech Poland Commentary

Wildstein: Combating hate speech will not stop conflict in Poland

Writer and journalist Bronisław Wildstein is critical of attempts to combat hate speech. “Fighting hate speech is a concept made up by liberal elites, which is meant not to better customs, but to censor some of the speeches of a right-wing character,” Wildstein explained.

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