Poland: Anti-Catholic band cancels concert after protests in city of Lublin

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Poles protesting in the Polish city of Lublin against Rafał Betlejewski’s band anti-Catholic band “Przepięknie” (Most Beautiful) have reportedly led the band’s concert to be cancelled.

Patriotic and conservatives in Lublin voiced their opposition to the band’s hateful message, which is known for insulting religious beliefs, promoting sexually explicit lyrics, and anti-Catholic messages.

A large public event is being organized in Lublin by the “Culture Point” group, which began as a local initiative made by inhabitants of the city. The event is meant to be a three-day celebration involving several cultural events such as concerts, picnics and shows, with many young people also set to attend these events.

The Warsaw shock-rock group “Przepięknie”, led by Rafał Betlejewski, was also meant to participate in the celebration, yet their appearance was cancelled.

According to Lublin’s citizens, the concert was cancelled due to multiple protests which were initiated by patriotic citizens in Lublin, although this information remains unofficial.

Conservative political groups warned that Betlejewski’s group openly “promoted anti-Catholicism, insulting the beliefs of the largest religious group in Poland, as well as promoting sexual deviance, gender ideology and LGBT.”

Betlejewski himself announced the concert in a manner that left little doubt of his anti-Catholic sentiment: “Lublin? Lublin, can you hear me? We’re arriving with the swine. August 30 on Sunday (because we must observe the holy day). We will play a concert of anti-Catholic songs, and I hope you’ll be with us – swine, deer, friends, and devils.”

Poland’s largest patriotic groups protested the concert, including the National Front and the All-Polish Youth, which posted about it extensively on their social media pages.

According to Betlejewski, he cancelled the concert because he was told that “children will be at the picnic and I play music for adults”. He added that the concert will take place in Lublin at a different date, most likely in October.

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