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Dóra Nagy, director of the IKON young Hungarian conservatives association, takes a look on what he sees as growth of LGBT as a movement in Hungary:

Whenever I see the annually recurring abundance of LGBT banners and motifs this time of the year, I have the feeling that these are increasingly gratuitous displays meant to serve as provocations. In the beginning it was but a single day for LGBT issues, then it grew into a week, then a full month, and it now has every chance to become a permanent fixture. But what good is it for society?

I am quite tolerant and — alongside the many progressive liberal democrats — I fully accept the fact that we don’t see the world in the same way, and we are not all the same. I am also ready for debate at any time without resorting to insults against those who hold opposite views, which means that I am quite open to dialogue and am really looking forward to someone explaining to me why municipality buildings should sport LGBT banners.

More to the point: Why banners for LGBT and only for LGBT? Why not display the banners of other minorities? Or why is it that displaying images of heterosexual families should be construed as intolerance?

I would also be very interested in knowing what good it does to have blatant public displays of their sexuality on public buildings? What, besides provoking the silent majority, do they hope to achieve?

As far as I am aware, nobody is offending or hurting LGBT people. They are not being marginalized, they can have jobs, can vote, can live their lives the way they want to. They speak of children being born free of hatred, yet they want to bring transgender tales into kindergartens and elementary schools.

But if children are void of hatred, what purpose do these actions serve?

I have bad news for all those who think this way. No amount of arguing with the rules of nature will make them right. We can live alongside one another in peace, but the fundamental laws of nature cannot be changed. There is simply no avoiding the fact that childbirth requires a woman and a man. One cannot manifest something into a rule which goes against nature. No amount of provocative actions, shouting or crying about oppression is going to change that.

There will always be political opportunists who will want to ride the wave of such movements, if for nothing else, simply to gain additional traction when they lack any ideology of their own. And this is also fine, as long as the self-defense reflexes of humankind are functioning and people accept the natural order of things.

The end will only come if lawmakers will want to legislate into law that which is against nature, or as American biologist Rachel Louise Carson put it, “But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.”

Title image: The 2019 Budapest Pride. (MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry)

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