Poland could become vassal of Brussels if Trzaskowski wins election, warns former defense minister

Poland could abandon its US alliance and become submissive to Brussels if new opposition candidate wins

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Do Rzeczy

Former Polish Defense Minister Jan Parys believes that a win in the presidential election for the opposition’s Rafał Trzaskowski would mean that Poland would become a vassal state of Brussels rather than a close ally of the United States.

According to the former defense chief, the liberal opposition Civic Platform (PO) deliberately campaigned to delay the presidential election in order to change its candidate.

He regrets the fact that the government gave in to pressure from the opposition-controlled second chamber the Senate and local governments to postpone the election.

Parys fears that the electorate is becoming fatigued by the prolonged period of election campaigning in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis.


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