Hungary’s Orbán is gaining, and Poland’s Kaczyński is in retreat

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According to opinion surveys, at least half of Hungarians support Viktor Orbán and 70 percent believe he will remain in power beyond 2022. As a result, the Hungarian opposition is way behind, fragmented and with low levels of support.

In Poland, opposition parties and their candidates for president are gaining ground, and this is only happening because the government is in retreat. That retreat is a result of internal divisions and failure to be transparent.

Despite the fact that the Polish government has been successful in delivering its policies, unlike its Hungarian counterpart, it has failed to communicate that success.  

Maybe this is because in Hungary, Orbán and Fidesz had a stark example in the shape of the former socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyursani admitting that his government lied to the public to hold onto power.

They learned from it and have been clear and straight with the people telling it as it is. They have also been honest about explaining how they are under pressure at home and abroad and have shunned manipulation and lies.