Poland does not want a multi-speed Europe

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According to polls, Poland is the most pro-EU country, supporting a large budget and the EU reform. No one in the parliament wants to leave the Union. This threat is real elsewhere – in Western European countries. Poland wants an integrated and united EU, not a multi-speed one, based on four core freedoms. 

Regarding the 2020 budget, Poland shares a similar position as the rest of Central Europe. We think the budget isn’t a good start for a discussion. We shouldn’t cut the traditional policies like the cohesion policy and we will try to change that with help from other supporters of cohesion. It is the base of the EU, the measure to help weaker new member states allowing them to catch up with the old ones. That’s what European integration is about. I don’t believe the cuts will become a reality, there has to be a consensus.

Czaputowic also dispels the doubts caused by Deputy PM Gowin’s statements that Poland will continue the judicial reform regardless of the European court. Poland will respect the court’s decision, he said.

The Polish Foreign Minister regarded the Czech Republic as an extremely important partner. We share the same interests, we are the cornerstones of Central European identity and the Three Seas Initiative after all.

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