Poland has lowest unemployment rate in EU: report

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Poland currently has the lowest unemployment rate (3.1 percent) in the entire European Union, with the number of unemployed people in the country in January 2021 amounting to 531,000 compared to 542,000 in December 2020.

The country with the second lowest unemployment rate is Czechia with 3.2 percent followed by the Netherlands with 3.6 percent.

The highest unemployment rates in the EU in January were recorded in Spain (16 percent), Lithuania (9.6 percent) and Sweden (8.8 percent). The latest data on the unemployment rate in Greece is available from November 2020. Back then, the Greek unemployment rate reached 16.2 percent. Thera is no data for Italy for the last period.

The average unemployment rate in all 27 EU countries is 7.3 percent, unchanged compared to the previous month.

The unemployment rate in the eurozone in January 2021, after including seasonal factors, has remained at 8.1 percent — the same as in the previous month. Analysts expected a rise to an 8.3 percent unemployment rate in the eurozone.

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