Poland is now third-largest exporter to Germany, overtaking US

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New data from not only Poland but also outside of the country shows further strong export growth that is serving as the motor for the Polish economy. According to the estimates of the National Chamber of Commerce, exports in March 2021 amounted to over €24 billion, representing a 12.9 percent increase compared to February and a 25.8 percent growth year to year.

Good results can also be seen in the data of the German statistics office; according to their data for March. Poland was the third largest exporter to Germany, just behind China and the Netherlands while overtaking the United States.

Previously, data for 2020 showed that in the general ranking of countries from which Germany imports the most goods, Poland was behind the US and was in fourth place. Yet in the first three months of 2021, US exports to Germany dropped by 11 percent compared to 2020, whereas Polish export grew by 15 percent, thus proving that Poland’s strong position is solidifying.