Poland: Kaczyński says United Right’s strength lies in its diversity

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The United Right is a very broad political formation which has a radical wing and a very moderate one led by Jarosław Gowin, said leader of Law and Justice (PiS) Jarosław Kaczyński emphasized in an interview for Gazeta Polska.

“Frictions between us are nothing new. We had them in past when it came to passing the judicial reform bill, for example. Although this formula of the United Right is sometimes problematic, it is also the source of our success,” Kaczyński declared.

The leader of Law and Justice explained that this diversity of opinions and views is what allows the United Right to achieve victory and instill change in Poland through governing.

He added that despite the occasional conflicts, the result is a net positive not only for the coalition, but also Poland as a whole.

Due to a dispute over holding presidential elections through postal voting, the United Right coalition’s majority was threatened over threats from the Agreement party to vote against PiS’ postal voting proposal. A compromise between Agreement and PiS means elecftions will likely occur over the next two to three months.

Kaczyński admitted that there might me other internal crisis in the future, but he is hopeful, that the coalition will preserve through them.

“The United Right government is truly changing Poland for the better. Each of the factions of which it is comprised must always remember that,” he said.