Poland prepares response to EU parliament’s ‘LGBTIQ freedom zone’ resolution

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Poland’s government is preparing to respond to the EU parliament’s vote to make all of Europe an “LGBTIQ freedom zone”.

Solidarity Poland — one of the parties which forms the Untied Right that makes up Poland’s current ruling coalition — is drafting a parliamentary response to the EU Parliament vote.

“To put it straight, the EU is currently saying this: either you break the Polish constitution, or we will strip you of funds. This is the moment in which we must say ‘stop!’,” Solidarity Poland MEP Patryk Jaki said, announcing the project of a resolution meant to protect Poland’s reputation on the international level.

The resolution comes in response to the European Parliament’s recent resolution which declared the EU an “LGBTIQ freedom zone” — broadly seen as a direct attempt to target Poland and Hungary. According to the European Parliament, the declaration is an action against more than 100 supposed “LGBT-free zones” in Poland. The resolution claimed that there is increasing discrimination against LGBT persons in Poland and urged the European Commission to use all tools necessary to counteract infringement of the rights of LGBT people.

MEP Jaki pointed out that the resolution was based on the false assumption that LGBT-free zones actually exist in Poland, which do not in fact exist. Instead, there are family rights laws which do not even mention LGBT people and are an affirmation of the Polish family in light of the Polish constitution.

Article 18 of the Polish Constitution clearly states: “Marriage, being a union of a man and a woman, as well as the family, motherhood and parenthood, shall be placed under the protection and care of the Republic of Poland.”

Jaki explained that Poland has been one of the most tolerant countries in history and that the Polish state should be defended no matter what a citizen’s political affiliations are.

“Poland’s parliament should not be passive and must respond. It cannot be so that Poland is continuously insulted and Polish MPs pretend that nothing has happened,” he said.