Poland sends coronavirus aid and doctors to Italy in a show of European solidarity

15 Polish doctors have arrived in Italy to help with the coronavirus crisis in Lombardy

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Wojciech Cegielski

In a show of European solidarity, 15 Polish doctors have been flown to Italy’s Lombardy region to help as the country continues to struggle with the coronavirus crisis.

The Italian region of Lombardy is the epicenter of the pandemic in Europe and more than 50 percent of Italy’s casualties stem from just the one region. Polish doctors will help local medics from a field hospital in Brescia for ten days.

One of the doctors, Paweł Szczuciński, from the Polish Center for International Aid, said before his flight from Warsaw that the aid mission is not only meant to support Italians but will also be a useful experience for Polish doctors to learn more about fighting the deadly disease.

“Our friends are dying there: doctors, nurses, paramedics. They are so overburdened with work that we want to give them at least a moment to breathe, maybe even save a few of them,” he added.


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