Poland: The third wave of the pandemic is weakening, says health minister

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Health Minister Adam Niedzielski shared data on social media showing that the coronavirus pandemic has been weakening in Poland. He noted, however, that the number of deaths remains high.

“The peaks of the third wave for infections, hospitalization and deaths took place at an interval of one week after one another. With all certainty, it can already be said that the third wave is weakening in all three categories, although the number of deaths is still at a high level.” (Graphic: Blue line – new hospitalizations, grey – new COVID-19 infections, brown – deaths due to COVID-19; 7-day averages).

The Ministry of Health stated on Thursday that 12,762 new COVID-19 infections were diagnosed and 694 of those infected had died. According to the data published by the ministry, currently 29,831 people infected with coronavirus are hospitalized, 3,229 of whom are on respirators.

Since the start of the pandemic, 2,731,256 infections have been confirmed and 64,168 people have died

The head of the PM’s Chancellery in charge of the government’s vaccination program, Michał Dworczyk, said that there were a record number of vaccinations on Wednesday: 273,778.

“Words of appreciation to all those involved! The National Vaccination Program is gaining momentum along with the increase of vaccine deliveries to Poland and the registration of the next age groups. We are encouraging people to sign up,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to government data, 9,495,317 vaccinations against the coronavirus have been carried out in Poland so far. Out of this total, 7,079,324 were first jabs, while the number of fully vaccinated people is 2,415,993. The population of Poland is about 38 million.

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