Poland to help vaccinate NATO headquarters staff in Brussels

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced through social media that Polish medical teams have been officially invited to carry out vaccinations in NATO’s main headquarters in Brussels.

“We have always been a loyal and reliable NATO ally. We treat the Alliance’s initiatives concerning fighting the pandemic the same way, because we believe that only united actions with our friends will bring the world a quick return to normal life,” he wrote on Facebook.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg officially thanked Poland and Morawiecki for their help in vaccinating the staff at NATO’s headquarters.

Morawiecki emphasized that the mission to vaccinate NATO headquarters staff is vital because the alliance ensures security for over a billion people. Morawiecki added that the continuity of the NATO leadership’s work will depend on the actions of the Polish team. The prime minister explained that the Polish Team for Immediate Medical Reaction will take care of ensuring virus resistance for key decision-makers and employees at the headquarters.

He stressed that for Poland, solidarity work within NATO and fulfilling alliance obligations is not an empty slogan and Poland is famous for its reliability within the alliance.

“Such an invitation means that our partners appreciate our experience and the knowledge of our medical staff, as well as the efficiency of the Polish vaccination system. I will not conceal that I am very proud of this,” he wrote.

The prime minister also reminded that Polish medical teams have been helping civilians throughout the world since the outbreak of the pandemic. Among countries to which Polish teams lent aid were the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Italy, the United States, and Slovenia. Poland also delivered protective equipment and measures to countries in need, such as Iraq, Kosovo, Belarus, Spain, Italy, Georgia, and Ukraine.

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