Poland to leave lockdown in May

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Starting May 1, Polish economic and social life will slowly begin returning to its pre-lockdown state while maintaining key health safety measures.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated that government data is cause for optimism about the development of the coronavirus crisis, which should allow the country to begin reactivating its economy. He emphasized that while the number of infections was one thing, the deaths due to the pandemic were the real tragedy and the most crucial aspect.

The prime minister pointed out that recent days have shown that the pandemic’s third wave had most likely been broken but that any reactivation of economic and social life must be approached with patience and humility and that a certain flexibility in reacting must be maintained.

Morawiecki stressed that the government is moving in the direction of vaccinating as many people as quickly as possible.

“It is this hope which must direct our actions in the upcoming months. We want for our economy to return to normal as soon as possible,” he added.

The prime minister outlined the schedule for lifting restrictions on social life.

Starting May 1, the government will restore access to some outdoor and indoor sports activities. Following the long weekend in Poland (after May 4), shopping malls and construction stores will be re-opened. Primary school children will also return to schools at that time. Art galleries and museums will also be re-opened at this point.

On May 9, all remaining students will return to ordinary teaching in schools and on May 8 hotels will be able to renew their activity.

Health minister Adam Niedzielski explained that the government has decided to reactivate the economy on a country-wide scale without any process of regionalization.

Niedzielski said that the largest groups of loosened restrictions will appear at fortnightly intervals, with the health minister noting that spreading out the reopening over the course of two weeks is necessary to observe what effect the loosened measures are having. 

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