Poland in the world top 10 of most battles won

Poland is in the top 10 countries to have won the most battles in history, ahead of even the Roman Empire. An animated map depicting all the battles mankind has fought in the last 4,500 years has become an internet hit.

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The animated map presents all the battles which have taken place in the last 4,500 years. Owing to this, one can see which part of the world was the most important at any given time. Although the information comes from Wikipedia, it is presented in a very unique way.

The battles start in the Middle East and China, then near the end of the ancient period the Roman Empire takes over. Later, the Medieval period shows all the battles which took place in Europe. 

France at the top, Poland at 7th place

The country with the most battles won is France with 1,115, followed by Britain with 1,105 and the United States 833. Poland won 344 battles, which places it above the Roman Empire, 259. 


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