Poland’s first nuclear power plant to be active by 2033

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The Polish government expects to supply energy from nuclear power produced in the country by 2033, according to Energy Minister Anna Moskwa.

In an interview with the SuperExpress tabloid, the Polish minister remained convinced that Poland’s atomic energy plans are more advanced than ever, revealing that consultations with Latvia and Estonia over the plans were complete.

She did, however, say that talks still needed to take place with Germany, a neighbor that has been generally hostile to nuclear power production in Poland.

Despite announcing last month that an agreement had been reached with the U.S. Westinghouse Electric Company and Westinghouse Electric Poland for preliminary work on the construction of a nuclear power plant, Moskwa said they have not yet decided on the actual site for the plant. 

There are two government projects, including one for the generation of between 6 and 9 GW of power, which has two potential locations of Kopalino-Lubiatowo or Żarnowiec. 

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The second project is at an earlier stage, Moskwa said. Seismic and geological analyses are taking place, and they must choose between the use of Korean, American or French technology.

Another project will be financed by private Polish and Korean capital. The government fully supports this initiative, as it wants a maximum number of nuclear energy sources to be available. Minister Moskwa did not rule out that other projects based on small modular reactors (SMR) could come to fruition before the 2033 activation date of the first major nuclear reactor. 

The first project will include financing from American capital as well as Polish public funds. 

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