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A study has found that Poles have changed their vacation preferences. Croatia has dropped in popularity, whereas Greece has been the destination preferred by many recently.

According to the study conducted by wakacje.pl, Croatia was chosen in July by only 2 percent of Poles, compared to the 40 percent that have opted to travel to Greece. This is a surprise because until recently, Croatia had been a very popular destination. Greece’s popularity is explained by the large amount of direct connections, of which there are now 29.

Other popular destinations include Bulgaria (15.5 percent) and Turkey (10.25 percent). Polish tourists have also found a preference in spending their vacation in Albania (6.7 percent). It is cheaper than Croatia and the other Adriatic countries but is nevertheless an attractive location.  

Overall, Poles prefer weekly vacations and like to travel by plane. On average, holidays cost PLN 6,107 (US$1,611) per couple. 51 percent of Poles spend holidays with their spouse, but only 38 percent do so with their children. The remaining 11 percent are single or travel in larger groups.

The Masovian Voivodship inhabitants spend the most on holidays – PLN 6,609 (US$1,743) and those from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship spend the least – PLN 5,638 (US$1,487).

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