Polish-backed Baltic Pipe is catching up with Russian-backed Nord Stream 2

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The Baltic Pipe, which is promoted by Poland and other European countries as a rival to the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline, is catching up with its rival.

Tomasz Stępień, the CEO of Polish firm Gaz-System, explained at the European Economic Congress that when the Polish-Danish investment was initiated in May 2016, Baltic Pipe was 26 months behind Nord Stream 2.

He added that in the case of Nord Stream 2, that pipeline is mostly constructed but it has not been given a permit from the Danish government, which means that Baltic Pipe is slowly catching up with that project.

“Today, this distance has been decreased dramatically,” said Stępień.

The Gaz-System CEO pointed out that the project is being completed according to the accelerated schedule and is currently at the stage of implementation.

All three sea permits from Denmark, Sweden and Poland have been legalized and the contractor has been given a building site.

Stępień stated that in 2020, construction in landing zones will be initiated both on the Danish and the Polish side.

The pipeline will be developed in tunnels to ensure they do not interfere with the coastline. In the summer of 2021, ships will be used to lay the pipeline on the seabed.

Stępień reiterated the declaration that Baltic Pipe will be ready to transfer gas from Norway to Poland in October 2022.

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