Polish Border Guard stops illegal migrants from Turkey

The three men attempted to reach France by using Poland and Ukraine as transit countries

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: kresy.pl

The Polish Border Guard announced that its officers in the Hrubieszów district in eastern Poland have detained three illegal migrants from Turkey last week. The men crossed the border between Ukraine and Poland on foot and tried to hide from the officers in the logs of fallen trees. Both modern surveillance equipment and police dogs were used in the search.
The men, aged 44, 28 and 19, all admitted to illegally crossing the Polish border and said they wanted to reach France.
After completing administrative processes concerning the illegal migrants, they were handed over to Ukraine’s border authorities.
This was not the only case of illegal migrants trying to reach Poland in the last months. Nadbużański Oddział Straży Granicznej The men tried to hide from the officers in the logs of fallen trees. In early November, the Bielsko-Biała (South Poland) Border Guard detained two Afghanistan citizens who were illegally traveling hidden in a truck semi-trailer.
The Polish Border Guard informed in September of stopping eight illegal migrants from Syria, alongside the driver of their truck and two Afghan citizens. According to the statement, Poland was to be a transit country in their journey to Germany.
In August, 34 illegal migrants were stopped in Kobiór in Silesia. They were all Irani, Iraqi, Syrian or Turkish citizens and crossing the Polish border from Slovakia in a truck with a Turkish driver.
A similar situation took place in early June.
Back then, police and Border Guard officers detained a group of illegal migrants from Afghanistan in Katowice. The migrants had managed to reach Poland all the way from Greece.


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