Polish embassy splattered with red paint in Moscow

(Source: Twitter/Biełsat TV, video picture grab)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

The Polish embassy in Moscow was sprayed with red paint, which has been presented as a symmetrical response to the incident in Warsaw where the Russian ambassador was attacked with red paint.

A recording appeared on social media on Wednesday showing how unidentified individuals sprayed the embassy with red paint, which Polish Ambassador in Moscow Krzysztof Krajewski also confirmed.

Earlier in the day, Krajewski was called in to the Russian ministry of foreign affairs to explain the incident on Monday in which Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev has red paint thrown at him during a May 9 commemoration of fallen Soviet soldiers at a cemetery in Warsaw. The meeting lasted 20 minutes and was described as “business-like.”

The spokesman of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Łukasz Jasina confirmed that the Polish ambassador has not been recalled.

“Representatives of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs protested verbally with regard to the incident at the cemetery. The Polish ambassador reiterated the stance presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau to the media and the official position of the Polish ministry of foreign affairs. There was no other business,” Jasina told Polish Press Agency (PAP).

The deputy foreign minister Marcin Przydacz, who is currently in Washington, commented on the incident at the Polish embassy, calling it unacceptable. 

“Any attempts to react in this way to the situation that occurred in Warsaw are totally unacceptable. Diplomatic property should be protected and diplomats are covered by immunity,” he said. 

Przydacz added that Poland will demand an explanation of the incident and the identification of the suspects. 

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