Polish fantasy author refuses to back down in face of LGBT criticism

Jacek Komuda has refused to apologize for a short story he published which has drawn the ire of LGBT groups

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polskie Radio 24

Polish fantasy author Jacek Komuda’s story entitled titled “Dalian, You Will Be Quartered!” has drawn criticism from Poland’s LGBT community after it was published in Nowa Fantastyka, one of Poland’s most well-known fantasy and science fiction magazines.

The editorial board of the paper apologized for the short story’s publication after it was harshly criticized by LGBT communities. The magazine declared that publishing the story in the current political environment was “a mistake”.

The story itself belongs to the genre of fantasy and concerns the adventures of Dalian, who is gay and wants to escape his homeland called Lendia and travel to the more progressive Taurydyka, where he could live with his lover.

Komuda explained in an interview for Polish Radio that “as a Pole and patriot, he is bombarded with negative opinions concerning Poland, which is considered backwards and terrible, where hatred towards homosexuals and LGBT communities is cultivated.”


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