If Poland wants to remain in the EU, it must be prepared to leave in 4 to 6 years

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One of the biggest results of the budget negotiations at the recent European Union summit was further federalization and centralization of the European Union, warns Polish columnist and writer Rafał Ziemkiewicz.

Ziemkiewicz believes that the result of the recent EU summit has both positive and negative consequences for Poland.

He emphasized that Poland currently has a strong economy, which has managed to get through the pandemic in a very good state, with a low GDP drop and a debt increase on par with other European countries.

He added that Poland is also seen by money lenders as the most credible country, which is one of the arguments which has allowed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to negotiate such large sums for Poland.

Ziemkiewicz stressed, however, that the arguments of Eurosceptics that the summit was a milestone in the further federalization of the EU are true.

This is because the summit allowed the EU to issue joint debt and impose European taxes.

The publicist believes the actions at the summit will initiate processes which will either lead to the marginalization of countries like Poland within in the EU or to the union’s dissolution.

“If we want to remain in the EU, we must be prepared to leave it in four to six or even 10 years, even through a ‘hard leave’ like the UK already did,” he said.

Ziemkiewicz explained that if Poland does not prepare such an option, it will become terrorized, marginalized and colonized.

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