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Polish author canceled from fantasy convention for having ‘right-wing views’

Renowned Polish fantasy author Andrzej Pilipiuk was removed from a list of guests invited to participate in the Avangarda Association fantasy convention for the crime of holding conservative values, it has emerged. He was initially invited by the association itself to speak at the virtual event, but the management canceled his invite and de-platformed the […]
freedom of speech Poland Rafał Ziemkiewicz United Kingdom Remix Exclusive
7M AGOfreedom of speech Poland Rafał Ziemkiewicz United Kingdom Remix Exclusive

Exclusive: ‘There is something sick in the British system,’ says Polish journalist banned from entering UK

In an exclusive interview with Remix News, popular conservative Polish journalist and author Rafał Ziemkiewicz explains why he was detained by British border police and exposes the key role played by an intolerant and deeply frustrated Polish left-elite

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