Polish conservative writer on his deportation from the UK: ‘British and international law was violated’

Rafał Ziemkiewicz believes that he is the victim of slander by leftist Polish and British activists and politicians

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: TVP Info
Source: TVP Info.

One of the Polish Right’s most renowned pundits, columnist and writer Rafał Ziemkiewicz was deported from Heathrow International Airport in early October. The writer was traveling to the UK with his wife and daughter, who was starting her studies at the University of Oxford.

Interweaved by TVP Info public television news channel Ziemkiewicz listed several reasons for his deportation.

“The first issue is the activity of Polish far-Left snitches – they can’t be called anything else – who are taking out their frustrations by writing insults against Poland in the foreign press and institutions and slandering their countrymen,” he said.

“They claimed that there was a fascist regime in Poland and that the writer who just arrived from Poland is a fascist himself,” he added.

The second issue was the activity of far-Left British MP Rupa Huq.

Ziemkiewicz believes, that Huq, without any verification, instigated the accusations against him and has been conducting a campaign of “political stalking” for the last four years.

“A slander was thrown at me, which was later picked up by a British politician with immunity who had no proof or quotes. She made a whole bunch of trouble around me and set the institutions of the British state against me,” he declared.

The writer added that he was accused of being an alleged “Holocaust denier” which he stressed was absolute nonsense. He is of the opinion that the whole affair is an issue of extremely ill will.

“The third problem is the abuse of power by the British Border Guard and the violation of both British and international law,” he said. Ziemkiewicz pointed to the document in which it was written that the reason for not granting him entry to the UK and his detention was his personal views.

“This is something that just one or two years ago no one would have dared to do. Today it was done with impunity. There are international conventions, which the UK has signed, which say that no one can be discriminated against for their political views,” he said.

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