Polish football star Lewandowski and wife donate €1 million to coronavirus effort

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Polish football star Robert Lewandowski and his wife, Anna, have donated €1 million to the effort to fight coronavirus.

The €1 million sum will be divided among infectious disease hospitals inwhile the rest will support other goals in fighting the pandemic in Poland. Sources close to Lewandowskis’ explained that the money will be divided equally to the 83 infectious hospitals throughout Poland.

The couple, along with their lawyers, are currently preparing the necessary documents which will permit equal distribution of the money.

Robert and Anna Lewandowski made the decision after consultations with Polish services responsible for coordinating fighting the coronavirus. The couple believes that the hospitals need the money the most and that their heads will know how to use the money the best.

“Today, we are all aware of the difficult situation surrounding us. Today, we all play on the same team. Let us be strong in this struggle and let us be unanimous. If we can help someone in a safe way, let us do so. Good is returning,” they wrote on social media while announcing the decision to donate money to fight the pandemic.

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Dziś wszyscy jesteśmy świadomi trudności sytuacji jaka nas otacza. Dziś wszyscy gramy w jednej drużynie. Bądźmy silni w tej walce i bądźmy jednomyślni. Jeśli możemy w sposób bezpieczny komuś pomóc to róbmy to. Zdecydowaliśmy się przekazać 1 mln Euro na walkę z koronawirusem. Ta sytuacja dotyka każdego z nas, nie wybiera, dlatego raz jeszcze prosimy: Stosujmy się do zaleceń, słuchajmy tych, którzy się na tym dobrze znają. Bądźmy odpowiedzialni? Wierzymy, że szybko wrócimy do normalności. Bądźmy razem, bądźmy solidarni. [ENG] We are all aware of the difficulties of the situation around us. Today, we are all playing in one team. Let's be strong in this fight. If we can help someone, let's do it. We have decided to donate EUR 1 million to contribute toward the fight against coronavirus. This situation affects each of us, so we are asking you again: Follow the instructions, listen to those who know best. Be responsible? We believe that we will return to our normal life soon. We are in this together. @annalewandowskahpba #RL9 #RAL

Post udostępniony przez Robert Lewandowski (@_rl9)

The Lewandowski family also called for people to be cautious and not risk infection:

“We should adhere to advice and listen to those who know most about the issue. Let’s be responsible and believe that we will swiftly return to normality. Let’s be together and let’s be united,” Robert and Anna wrote.

Lewandowski was playing for Bayern Munich before the football season was suspended. He scored an impressive 25 goals in just 23 Bundesliga matches before games were halted.

Title image: Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski celebrates with supporters after winning the German Bundesliga soccer match between 1. FC Cologne and Bayern Munich in Cologne, Germany, Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, AP.

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