Polish PM Morawiecki: Social media owners cannot be above the law

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Following the ban of US President Donald Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter, discussion concerning regulating social media platforms has broken out throughout the world. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also referred to the issue in a Facebook post where he compared the modern wave of censorship to the communist-era controls of free thought and speech that Poland lived under for decades. 

Morawiecki emphasized that Polish society is deeply connected to freedom and liberty after the country dealt with censorship for 50 years during the communist era.

“We lived in a country in which the Big Brother told us how we’re meant to live, what we’re meant to think and feel, and what we’re forbidden to think, say and write. This is why we look at any attempts to limit freedom with such worry. One of the synonyms of freedom for us has always been the internet – the most democratic medium in history, a forum where anyone can say anything,” he wrote.

The prime minister explained that the freedom associated with the lack of regulations of the internet has had many positive effects, but that the negatives have been the gradual domination of massive, transnational companies which are richer and more powerful than many states.