Polish police arrest three members of migrant smuggling gang accused of aiding 600 illegal immigrants

The smuggling gang was involved in helping migrants from MIddle East and Asia reach Poland and stay there

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: TVP3 Warszawa

Polish authorities have detained three people suspected of illegally assisting in the smuggling of 600 foreigners mostly from Asia and Middle East into Poland.

According to the spokeswoman of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚP) Iwona Jurkiewicz, following an investigation, officers have determined that members of this organized crime group helped foreigners stay in Poland illegally.

She stated that the criminals organized documents which allowed the foreigners to apply for work and temporary residence permits. The group was also meant to represent the foreigners during administrative processes with the Polish government.

The spokeswoman of the Vistula Border Guard Unit, Dagmara Bielec-Janas, pointed out that almost 600 foreigners from Pakistan, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Iran, and India may have illegally resided in Poland thanks to the smuggling group.

Police are also saying that members of the trafficking group may have earned up to €920,000 in total for assisting the foreigners.


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