Poland: Trzaskowski wants to block construction of stretegic canal in Vistuala Spit if elected

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Kamil Kwiatek

Key construction projects designed to protect Polish interests, develop infrastructure, and serve as economic stimulus are now under threat after Poland’s main opposition presidential candidate, Civic Platform’s Rafał Trzaskowski, said he would block the projects if elected.

Professor Krysiak of Warsaw School of Economics emphasized that although Poland is still exiting the pandemic crisis and the economy is slower, if money is spent only on maintaining the economy like Trzaskowski intends instead of investing in its future, then Poles will be left with nothing.

Interviewed for portal wpolityce.pl, the professor explained that investments such as the Central Communication Hub (CPK), which will include a new airport, along with the Vistula Spit canal project are vital systemic projects that will affect not only Poland but the entire region.

The Vistula Spit in particular will be connected with the international highway network Via Carpatia and the Baltic States.

In his opinion, the CPK will increase Poland’s international economic position and also establish a bridge between Asia and Western Europe.

He added that the CPK and the Vistula Spit will already generate revenue for Poland before they are even completed as dozens of companies will be involved in services, production and goods.

“This is a perfect magnet for foreign investments, something that Rafał Trzaskowski seems to not understand,” Krysiak said.

The professor stated that these huge investments will initiate cooperation with the Baltic States, such as the construction of a railway between Estonia and Szczecin, and establish a stronger traffic and economic turnover block.

He underlined that these projects will help serve as a counterweight to Russia, as it will become difficult for the Russians to affect institutions and commerce in the region.

“In a fundamental manner, we will reduce Russia’s aggressive policies,” the expert pointed out.

Professor Krysiak admitted it is hard to believe that Trzaskowski cannot see the benefits from investments such as the CPK.

He noted that Trzaskowski had once stated that “the CPK is unnecessary because a similar airport will be constructed soon in Berlin.” said Krysiak, who added that the opposition’s candidate would also have most likely supported the idea of Lufthansa buying out LOT Polish Airlines.

“This is a kind of manner of thinking which has little in common with Poland’s interests. This is not the thinking of a Pole,” the professor said.

Title image: New candidate in Poland’s presidential election for the opposition Civic Coalition, Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski talks to reporters in Warsaw, May 2020, AP.


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