Polish President Duda: I will defend the traditional Polish family with all my strength

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In the lead up to Polish elections on June 28, incumbent President Andrzej Duda declared that he will not permit any “social experiments” on the Polish family model during a campaign rally in the town of Poronin yesterday.

Duda emphasized that he will continue the pro-family policies he has already undertaken during his current term as president, according to Polsat News.

“These were policies of dignity for Poles and Poland — a dignified fight for Polish interests anywhere, where the truth about those interests had to be spoken. I never feared doing that,” he said at a rally in Poronin, located in the Polish mountain district of Podhale.

The statesman referred to same-sex marriages, reminding Poles that according to the Polish constitution, a marriage can only be between man and woman, and anyone who defies that wants to break the country’s constitution.

He also emphasized that he was the only guarantee of further developing Poland in accordance with Polish values, which he vowed to protect.