Polish president ratifies defense cooperation agreement with US

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Salon24 News

Polish President Andrzej Duda has ratifiied the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, which foresees further increase of the number of US troops stationed in Poland.

The agreement comes after declarations from US President Donald Trump and Duda from 2019 concerning increasing US military staff in Poland by 1,000 new troops to the current 4,500,

As a part of the deal, Poland is building new infrastructure which will allow the instantaneous transfer of additional US forces to Poland in the case of a threat or conflict, allowing for a total of 20,000 US troops.

Prior to the agreement’s ratification, it was also announced that the command of the V Corps of the US Army will be located in Poland. It will be responsible for commanding US armed forces on NATO’s Eastern flank.

Duda declared during the ratification ceremony that the “American military presence in Poland strengthens the security of the region and increases NATO’s security”.

He stated that Polish-American relations go back centuries and that there were heroes in both country’s histories who fought for what Poles call, “Your freedom and ours.”


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