Pro-migration EP majority runs amok, says MEP Deutsch

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Deutsch said that while the EP in a previous session has already debated the issue of the migrant visas and in the subsequent vote the proposal did not receive a majority, the Socialist, Communist, Green and Liberal MEP’s will bring the issue back to the table “in a manner violating the basic rules of democracy”.

The hypocritical approach to democracy of the leftist MEPs is more than a little unsightly

Deutsch said that according to the proposal, those wishing to enter the European Union could request – and receive – a one-time visa at any EU embassy in their country without any screening requirement. Their asylum request would subsequently be processed while already in the EU.

This would mean that millions of people with illegal migration intent will be allowed into the EU instead of protecting its borders. This is an enormous security risk for the 500 million citizens of the EU and can only be qualified as “craziness running amok” Deutsch said.

He also said that Brussels is suspiciously silent regarding the ATM cards for migrants. He said that according to EP rules any MEP can submit a written question as a priority request. While he submitted such a question about the anonymous ATM cards issued to migrants five weeks ago, the EU Commissioner in charge of migration Dimitris Avramopoulos has yet to reply.

He said the citizens of the EU have legitimate questions regarding the issue of anonymous ATM cards, the size of EU funds going into these and how the thousands or tens of thousands of migrants use these cards.


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