Record-breaking drunk Slovak man dies in hospital

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On Saturday early morning, Slovak police found an unconscious 34-year-old man on a bench in front of Trnava hospital who was later found to have a whopping nine permille blood alcohol content.

The officers immediately gave him first aid and called the paramedics who transported him to the hospital.

Despite intensive care, the man was unable to recover from alcohol poisoning until four days later, on the first day of the new year, he lost his struggle for life. The patient’s condition was critical throughout the hospitalization.

When the police found him, the man had no documents with him, and no one had reported him missing him for three days.

Police, therefore, asked citizens for help via Facebook where they were able to identify the man in a relatively short period of time.

According to Dnes24, the Slovak man had to drink about 1.9 liters of vodka, which is the equivalent of 19 liters of beer or seven liters of wine in order to reach a critical nine-permille blood alcohol content.

Experts consider even four-permille blood alcohol content as a lethal dose, but there have been cases in the world where people have survived much higher doses.

The Czech Republic experienced a similar case when in 2005, a farmer had a car accident while working and police officers measured 7.94 permille of alcohol in his blood. The Czech case, however, had a much happier ending since the farmer survived.

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