Record drug bust: Polish police seize three tons of cocaine worth €675 million

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Police police discovered a record haul of three tons of cocaine worth €675 million, which authorities say was smuggled from Ecuador to Germany undetected and finally uncovered in Poland.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said congratulated Polish police for thwarting the cocaine smuggling operation at a press conference in Warsaw while noting it was the biggest drug seizure in Polish history.

He underlined that the whole three tons could be divided into a “million samples” behind which could have resulted in many human tragedies.

The prime minister explained that the operation to stop the smugglers was carried out by the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Border Guard. The drugs were first smuggled from Ecuador to the port city of Hamburg in Germany where authorities there failed to discover the drugs.

Morawiecki stressed that it was Polish authorities who had managed to uncover the massive drug haul.

“Polish services were more vigilant than their German or Dutch counterparts,” he said.