Rohlí to launch in Budapest in December

In December, Rohlí enters the Hungarian market

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

Rohlí, an online store specializing in grocery delivery, is about to reach 4.5 billion CZK turnover this year, representing a year-on-year increase of 80 percent, said the owner of the company Tomáš Čupr. Currently, the company´s focus is on Hungary as it will enter the local market in December.

“We have a local team over there, which adjusts the warehouse, creates the assortment offer, and prepares a marketing campaign to launch the brand,” said Čupr.

According to Čupr, the Hungarian market is similar to the Czech one. Due to frequent traffic congestion, however, the e-shop will have to prolong the time of delivery up to three hours. “There are big brands in Hungary, but they don’t offer such a fast service. Tesco, Spar, and Auchan offer only a next day delivery,” Čupr added. The e-shop will also embrace the Hungarian wine tradition as it plans to cooperate with local producers. 

Furthermore, the Rohlí e-shop will also introduce the Marks & Spencer food brand to Hungary. “It will be interesting to test the entrance of the brand to the market as there are no Marks & Spencer stores in Hungary,” said Čupr, adding that in the future, the e-shop would also like to deliver Marks & Spencer fresh food.

One of the other goals of Rohlí is to enter the Austrian market through Vienna, preferably in the next year. According to Čupr, the company is still learning how to expand. However, the aim is to establish a stable role in the German market in the next five years as well. “For me, entering the German market is an important measure of success. Paradoxically, there is no strong German competition for our company. We have a technological lead,” he concluded.


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