Romania: Criminals rob an elite organized crime police unit in Bucharest

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On the night Friday to Saturday last week, a group of men – in what appears to have been a crime of opportunity – robbed the headquarters of the Romanian Organized Crime Brigade (BCCO) in the capital Bucharest, news portal reported in an exclusive story.

The portal, quoting “reliable sources”, reports that a group of men who were apparently passing the building where the BCCO headquarters is located noticed that the police officer guarding the lobby was fast asleep. They promptly entered the building, sneaked past the unsuspecting guard and proceeded to the second floor where the entrance of the BCCO is with a door that requires a key card.

They managed to break the door without waking up the lobby guard, entered the offices and went on to gather as many monitors, television screens and other seemingly valuable electronic equipment they were able to carry, including a hammer drill.

The news portal did not specify whether the latter item is standard equipment for the organized crime police.

They then left the building the way they came in, again past the still sleeping police officer, who some time later woke up, and upon realizing what had happened, reported the robbery to his superiors.

While the alerted staff of the BCCO brigade was reviewing the security camera footage of the event, a call came to the police helpline reporting that a group of men were having a fistfight on a street.

After police placed the men under arrest, officers determined that they were the suspects wanted in the robbery of the police station. They had apparently just exited two cabs with the stolen goods when a fight broke out between them because they could not agree on how to divide it.

The perpetrators are now being held on suspicion of robbery pending further investigation.

Title image: Officer of the Romanian Organized Crime Brigade. (source:

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