Ruling Fidesz party remains the most popular in Hungary

editor: REMIX NEWS

Despite opposition-led protests against the amendment of the labor law allowing a higher annual overtime maximum – dubbed the “slave law” by the liberal opposition – Fidesz maintains its lead among political parties.

The poll conducted on a representative sample showed that among the total population Fidesz had a popularity rating of 35 percent at the end of December compared with 34 percent in November – a change well within the error margin of the poll. The right-wing radical Jobbik had a popularity of seven percent, with the Socialists also at seven percent and the social-liberal Democratic Coalition with six percent.

Perhaps even more telling are the party preferences among decided voters. These show a Fidesz lead with the party standing at a round 50 percent, followed by Jobbik with 11 percent, the Socialists with 10 percent and the Democratic Coalition (DK) with 9 percent.

Idea concluded that while the poll was an indication that the opposition protests had no measurable impact on party preferences, this type of change can take time, meaning that the next popularity measurement towards the end of January should be a better indicator. 


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