Russia desperate to stop Poland from hosting US nuclear weapons, launches new war games with Baltic fleet

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Russia remains adamantly opposed to Poland hosting U.S. nuclear weapons on it soil and is launching new military exercises that will be built around possible targeting of nuclear weapons that might be located in Poland, according to the Russian paper Niezavisimaya Gazeta.

Russia’s new major war games will be launched with the participation of its Baltic fleet, which according to Russian defense chief Sergey Shoygu are designed as a response to NATO’s “Allied Spirit” exercises set for June.

According to the Russian paper, the Allied Spirit exercises will be taking place in Poland, a country which could in time be hosting U.S. tactical nuclear weapons, a scenario which Moscow dreads.

Defense expert Yuri Netkachev says Russia needs to control the situation and be able to destroy any missiles on Polish soil. The Russians are already developing hypersonic weaponry with which to arm its Baltic Fleet for the purpose of being able to destroy nuclear capacity of its adversaries.

The Russians perceive the U.S. having air bases able to transport nuclear weapons in minutes over Kaliningrad, where its Baltic Fleet command is based, as a serious threat to their security.