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Trump’s former ambassador returns to Poland with new role

Georgette Mosbacher has become a member of the board of IP3, a US company that is currently advising a Polish nuclear power consortium on introducing nuclear power to Poland. She will be responsible for IP3 projects in Poland. Last week, the Polish ZE PAK consortium, together with Synthos, announced their intention to build a nuclear […]
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Mosbacher comments on her letter to Morawiecki

US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher explains that she “doesn’t really understand the frenzy” around her letter to PM Morawiecki. Mosbacher underlines that the US values freedom of press and is convinced that such freedom exists in Poland.

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Anna Azari Diplomacy diplomatic scandal Georgette Mosbacher Israel Poland US Commentary

Lesson of diplomacy

Ambassadors Georgette Mosbacher and Anna Azari have given the Polish government lessons in diplomacy. Publicist Ryszard Makowski argues that the two unprecedented diplomatic scandals are an opportunity for Law and Justice (PiS) to show their strength.

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“A step forward” on Fort Trump

The US Congress and the Pentagon are considering an increase in US military presence in Poland. In a joint letter in “Rzeczpospolita”, ambassadors Georgette Mosbacher and Piotr Wilczek stressed that the Polish-American friendship has “worked out”.

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