US ambassador defends Poland against EU in rule of law dispute

US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher says that the EU finds it hard to accept that Poland is no longer on the periphery of Europe

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Tomasz Walczak

The European Union finds it hard to accept that Poland is no longer the periphery of Europe, U.S. Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher said in her defense of Poland regarding the EU’s rule of law investigation into the country’s attempts to implement judicial reform.

Mosbacher said that in her opinion, the issue of the rule of law is “strongly politicized”

“Personally, I believe that the issue of the rule of law is strongly politicized and the European Union is not above using it to achieve its goals,” Mosbacher said.

“I have the impression that the West has not yet accepted the fact that Poland and other countries of Central-Eastern Europe are not a periphery region anymore, which they were under communism,” she added.

Mosbache’s defense offers Poland a high-profile ally as it grapples with attempts by the EU to stymie the country’s conservative government through rule of law investigations, which the EU is also conducting against Hungary. The EU has accused Poland for violating the “rule of law” by attempting to implement judicial reforms.

“You are a very well-educated society which successfully competes with the rest of Europe. They do not necessarily feel comfortable with that,” the ambassador told Polish tabloid Super Express.

“Poland is a major player on the world stage. I realized that as soon as I arrived in Warsaw. The U.S. understands that, but I think that this is not yet understood in the capitals of Western Europe,” she added.


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