US Ambassador Mosbacher to Poles: You are on the wrong side of history concerning LGBT

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An open letter in support of LGBT activists in Poland was published by the US embassy in Warsaw on Sunday and signed by 50 ambassadors currently residing in Poland.

The letter caused enormous controversy in Poland and many commentators have pointed to the ambassadors’ activity as interference with Poland’s internal affairs.

In an interview for news portal Wirtualna Polska, US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher declared that Poland has the reputation of a country “unfriendly to sexual minorities”, which in turn negatively affects investment decisions and military issues.

She underlined that the majority of US politicians are on the same page when it comes to LGBT issues, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The interviewer, Marcin Makowski, pointed out that in Poland, sexual minorities have exactly the same rights as people living in unofficial relationships and Poles do not like having foreign powers interfering with Polish legislation and imposing a definition of marriage.

Mosbacher responded, admitting that she “did not want to discuss legislative issues, as that is Poland’s private affair”.