Rising foreign pressure is designed to bring down Poland’s conservative government

The total opposition failed to defeat Law and Justice (PiS), so foreign powers are looking for other solutions, argues Editor-in Chief of Sieci weekly Jacek Karnowski

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jacek Karnowski

After the 2015 elections in Poland, the defeated opposition parties declared themselves a “total opposition” and initiated an attempt to overthrow the government. They operated with the support of foreign powers, but the most serious attacks came from within the country.

The forces of the establishment deployed a strategy of destabilizing the ruling conservative government by mobilizing their members and as much of Polish society as possible. This was the purpose of all of those media campaigns and attempts at what they claimed was a defense of democracy.

This plan did not work.

Not only did the Untied Right survive its first term, but it was also able to win the next elections. Moreover, Andrzej Duda also won his second term, despite facing the pandemic and the most powerful opposition candidate possible.

The opposition had not fulfilled the expectations imposed on it. It is not surprising that it has been, so to speak, shoved out of the picture.

But despite the failure of the opposition, it does not mean there will be peace in Poland.


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