Mosbacher comments on her letter to Morawiecki

US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher explains that she “doesn’t really understand the frenzy” around her letter to PM Morawiecki. Mosbacher underlines that the US values freedom of press and is convinced that such freedom exists in Poland.

editor: REMIX NEWS

“Freedom of speech, freedom of press are key values. I don’t really understand the frenzy around this whole issue. Maybe these are values that we take for granted, but I don’t believe so,” Mosbacher explained in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”. “You have freedom of press in Poland, just like we do in the United States.”

Mosbacher admitted that some of the reactions of Poles had struck her hard and hurt. “But have they weakened me? No. I believe in my values and the mandate given to me by the President. I will continue to fulfil my duty as best as I can.”

I don’t really understand the frenzy around this whole issue

The Ambassador also retorted that she does know how politics work. “I’m not naïve. I have been observing politics for a very long time to know what happens when you enter someone else’s territory,” she said.

Mosbacher underlined that although life can be brutal, as long as you are open and fair, you can go on. “We see that in Poland, where we have dynamic, bilateral relations,” she said.


Poland as a bastion against Russia

“You are an important country lying between Russia and Germany,” Mosbacher said and emphasized Poland’s importance in combating Russian aggression. “Poland is a kind of bastion against Russian aggression in the region.”

“Poland has a fundamentally strategic value for the security of this region. Because we are in NATO, a strong Poland means a safer United States,” the Ambassador said.


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