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Poland warns German chancellor about interfering in Polish elections after Scholz’s controversial remarks

Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau has called on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “to respect Poland’s sovereignty” and refrain from making statements “that could harm mutual relations.” Scholz chose illegal immigration of all things to criticize Poland about, a topic his government is currently facing a crisis over due to his inability to control Germany’s borders. […]
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The show must go on: No one will be held accountable for Ukraine’s failed counteroffensive strategy

Despite huge losses for Ukraine in its failed counteroffensive, political pressures mean the war must continue, and this time with higher stakes, writes Paweł Lisicki, the chief editor of Poland’s Do Rzeczy weekly magazine

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Poland’s ruling conservatives have proven their worth as diplomats

The past 12 months have finally laid to rest the conviction that foreign policy is the exclusive domain of liberals and social democrats with the ruling conservatives making substantial headway on the world stage, writes Rafał Woś

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